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Type C Series - Surf

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Brand: Jelsma Rod Co

Hand crafted from the finest material in the game. Our type C rods are based off our classic Bass, Inshore and Surf rods. Made of a higher strain material with more fibers per inch than most our competitors, making these carbon rods stronger, lighter and more durable than any other high modulus on the market. The bass and inshore series spec closer to the PBJ and TFS series of rods. The Surf type C is in a class all of its own. buillt to a more euro style and in 12 and 13 foot lengths these make the 3rd bar an easy task.

Type C Bass/Inshore standard equip with AT CCT Seats

Type C Surf Standard Equip with AT Aluminum Seat

May be shown with optional equipment. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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