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SPJ Series - Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

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Our slow pitch rods were developed in the mid 2000s and have evolved from there. With the integration of specilized materials and hybrid building techniques. Our slow pitch rods have a slow action and very powerful backbone, allowing a flat fall, willow leaf or hybrid jig to properly perform.

All slow pitch jigging rods come standard set up for a conventional reel with American Tackle guides, graphite seats, and cord and EVA grips, and rubber gimbals.

*Items May be shown with Optional components. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Customized orders must be submitted via the Ordering Form here. All rods can be fully customized to include, but no limited to, different reel seats, upgraded ceramic guide inserts, EVA or Carbon Fiber grips, inscriptions, or other decoration by quote only. Please allow extra time for delivery on customized series rods.

Model # Action Power Length Line Lure
SPJ 66-30 S L 6'7" 15-30 150 gm
SPJ 66-40 S M 6'7" 20-40 200 gm
SPJ 66-50 S H 6'4" 30-50 260 gm
SPJ 66-65 S XH 6'4" 40-65 300 gm
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